The Local Food of Choice. What’s Good?


If you are ever in California and decide that you would like to stop by for a bite we have created a small cheat sheet of things to eat and drink while here. Please keep in mind that we are a tad bit biased as Windsor has been our town for many years. Sonoma County is not short of excellent restaurants and eateries as our list could go on forever. The selection of places just happen to be place that we frequent more so than the normal tourist destinations.

KC’s American Kitchen
KC’s is a retro diner that serves the basics. If you need it they have it as they are one of the more popular restaurants in Windsor.
KIN is a small restaurant serving American comfort foods. Nothing too special here other than the food being delicious. Give them a try and judge for yourself.
Johnny Garlic’s
Co-Owned by the prince of restaurants Guy Fieri Johnny Garlic’s serves some of the most popular and delicious American influenced food around.