Great Pizza Delivery Places in Cali


Everybody loves a good and tasty snack. Gourmet pizza, commonly served in Californian pizza spots happens to be among the top consumed foods in a state where company stores and franchises have ventured in, so as to serve this delicious food. They are served as New York and Italian thin crusts, commonly topped with mushrooms, onions, ground beef, chicken and sausages. Apart from the snack itself, most people have their go-to places where they can enjoy a bite of this pizza while catching up with friends. Most spots have grown over the decades that offer pizza delivery near me around California.

redballs-pizzaRedBalls Rock and Roll Pizza Delivery

Opened in 2006, this dynamic snack palace is located on 13816 Princeton Ave, Moorpark, CA. It is a combination of a restaurant, music venue and unofficial museum for rock and roll lovers. It is opened on a daily basis from 11 am till late into the night.

RedBalls restaurant menu includes thin crust New York style pizzas going for $2.75 to $26, served with toppings such as onions, olives, mushrooms and anchovies. A light and garlicky tomato sauce to go down with pizza is served. Other snacks such as Massapequa meatball sandwiches, delicious pastas, sweet Italian sausages and a variety of salads are also served in this pizza spot.

Clients can place their pizza orders online and in less than 2 hours, pizza is delivered to their location. Alternatively, you could just go to the restaurant, grab a snack and enjoy performances of legendary rock bands like Foo Fighters. Hire RedBalls restaurant for top quality onsite catering if you got an event.

napoleons-pizzaNapoleone’s Pizza House

Established in 1958, this family owned pizza spot is a great place to have a bite of pizza with friends and family. The recently refurbished spot also has room for casual dining, separate bar area and an open kitchen. Located in National City, CA, this spot is open on a daily basis except on holidays.

On its menu are the fancy and traditional pizza. There is the legendary Magherita pizza, Chicken Parmesan, Bar B Q Chicken, Buffalo Pizza and Pesto Pies served with toppings such as grilled chicken, cheese and jalapeno. Other foods served at this eatery include house specials like lasagna and linguine Alfredo, grilled chicken, spaghetti, desserts such as cannoli and cheesecake, soups and salads.

Order to-go pizzas by calling the restaurant and they will be delivered in a flash.

Privateer-PizzaPrivateer Coal Fire Pizza

Located in 1706 South Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA, this pizza spot got you covered from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am to 4 am. It’s a family owned restaurant, relying on thew freshest ingredients and a coal fire oven. Whether its dinner or lunch, this spot has a specialty menu with delicious and unique item.

This restaurant takes pride in serving Gourmet appetizer pizza, salads, pizza pies, desserts and soups. Their chefs are gifted in creating imaginative menus. They strive to reflect the dream of the South Oceanside locals who love chilling in seaside restaurants. This beach-bum-casual pizza joint is has delivery services as per requested by the client.

In conclusion, if you love a cheesy, steamy, napkin roll-required pizza you have to find your way around California and land at these great pizza joints. Even if you love the fast and casual slices all your tastes and preferences, will be accommodated in this great joints.


The Local Food of Choice. What’s Good?


If you are ever in California and decide that you would like to stop by for a bite we have created a small cheat sheet of things to eat and drink while here. Please keep in mind that we are a tad bit biased as Windsor has been our town for many years. Sonoma County is not short of excellent restaurants and eateries as our list could go on forever. The selection of places just happen to be place that we frequent more so than the normal tourist destinations.

KC’s American Kitchen
KC’s is a retro diner that serves the basics. If you need it they have it as they are one of the more popular restaurants in Windsor.
KIN is a small restaurant serving American comfort foods. Nothing too special here other than the food being delicious. Give them a try and judge for yourself.
Johnny Garlic’s
Co-Owned by the prince of restaurants Guy Fieri Johnny Garlic’s serves some of the most popular and delicious American influenced food around.