Central Fire Authority of Sonoma County

Message from Fire Chief Doug Williams

Fire Chief Doug Williams

Fire Chief Doug Williams

Thank you for visiting the Central Fire Authority of Sonoma County website.  Our site is designed to tell you who we are, what we do, and make it easy for you to find  important life and fire safety information.

Central Fire Authority is a joint powers agreement (JPA) formed in 2011 between the Rincon Valley Fire Protection District and the Windsor Fire Protection District. The JPA provides management and administrative services to both districts, allowing us to cut costs without reducing service.

Rincon Valley and Windsor fire departments have been neighbor departments since 1965. We train together and we provide mutual response across district borders. We share an unwavering commitment to excellence in providing prompt, professional, compassionate care to those we are called to help.  We also share a common view of the importance of fire prevention and public education programs.

We understand we are here for one reason: to provide service. Our commitment to providing excellent service guides everything we do.

Doug Williams
Fire Chief